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How much does artificial turf cost?

When you begin looking for a quote for artificial lawn installation for your home, you’re likely to come across an average cost across the industry that is considered the standard, $13-$15 per square foot. The prices may vary, on the high end, up to $20-$25 per square foot if you fancied a putting green, and may even be as low as $8 per square foot if it was a roll out install on concrete. 

It is recommended within the industry to try and steer clear of any quotes that are too far below the $12-$13 per square foot standard. This is recommended because a cost less than that usually means that corners are being cut during your installation. We at TygerTurf try and keep our prices as low as possible. 

A standard 500 square foot artificial lawn installation will usually cost between $5,000 to $7,000, with the United States average cost being $6,860. That may seem a little too expensive for a simple install, but there are other factors that you should take into consideration. 

The price point that you’re being quoted for your installation doesn’t only include the company’s manual labor costs; it also provides for the cost of materials, operation fees, company overhead, and company profit. You should also remember that the quality of install complements the purchase of your beautiful synthetic lawn that you buy along with it. A high-quality product deserves an installation team that is equipped and experienced enough to handle it.


The most important factor that influences the cost of fake grass installation, is the area that needs to be covered. The cost may differ depending upon the shape and size of the area. For example, if the area is unevenly shaped, is round, or has curved borders, the cost will differ. And as expected, you will need to spend more if the area is larger or more intricate. This is because you will need more material to cover it.

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